Training during the coronavirus pandemic

Please see our Blog page for information on how training on an indoor turbo trainer can help cyclists keep fit during the periods of self isolation and social distancing that we are all facing.


If you would like training help and advice  that is specific to your personal circumstance, please get in touch.

We hope you have time to explore the website but if you have time to read just one page, here's how we can help.


Do you want to improve your biking FFF's - Fitter, Faster, Further?

A structured training plan will get you to those goals.




Do you want to be more comfortable on your bike and avoid those painful or tingly toes, pins & needles, achy knees, neck-ache, back-ache, shoulder-ache or other forms of discomfort?

A bike fitting service will get you in to your most comfortable position.




Does your motivation sometimes need a helping hand?

Conversational coaching will put you back in control, rather than the people, situations and circumstances around you.

Are you sure we can help? Yes we can!

Sportive Cycle Coaching has been published in the January 2020 edition of Cyclist magazine (Issue #95), which is the World's biggest Road Cycling Magazine.


Our article entitled 'How should I plan my training for next year?' is recognition of our ability to help cyclists of all ages and abilities.


It's also available online on the Cyclist magazine website by clicking here.


Please email if you've read the report - we'd really like to hear from you!

How to get in touch:

Sportive Cycle Coaching looks forward to hearing from you and providing all of the help that you deserve!


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Andy Tomkins


Director, Sportive Cycle Coaching

Registered Level3 Coach - Association of British Cycle Coaches  

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