In brief, the services available to you are:

  • Structured training plans, from 3-12 months
  • Individual bike fittings, in the comfort of your own home or the convenience of your workplace
  • Group bike fittings for 3 people, at a single location
  • Conversational Coaching, to put you in control rather than the people and situations around you.
  • Partner Services, from businesses that provide additional, value add services for cyclists

Training Plans

There are three main areas where a training plan would be beneficial to a cyclist and we refer to them as the three F's - Fitter, Faster, Further


How the 3F's relate to an individual is, of course, on an entirely individual basis.


'Fitter' could mean everything from riding your first 30km, using cycling as part of a health improvement programme or breaking your personal best time on the Alpe d'Huez


'Faster' could mean completing a 25mile time trial in less than an hour, or keeping up with the front riders in a local cycling group. It could mean getting confident enough that you can 'keep up' with a group and thus have the courage to join a club.


'Further' could be riding the Trans American race, reaching your first 100km or just being able to ride for 40 minutes rather than 30.


My point is that the 3F's are relevant to everyone who enjoys cycling and they can be improved by following structured training plans.


So, whatever your inspiration for cycling - beit holidays, sportives, charity events, general fitness, leisure or just getting out and about - have a think about how you would personally beneift from improved 3F's.


Then, when you are ready, please use the contact form or spark up a chat session and we'll do our best to help you!

Bike fitting services

The fitting session is conducted at your home, or place of work**, at a time to suit you and aims to make you feel as comfortable as possible on your bike. If you suffer from pins & needles in your hands, or you get a lot of neck ache, back ache or sore knees then the chances are that the discomfort will put you off riding. Well, the fitting services will address those things! 


You can choose a level of service from either Essential or Premium.


The difference between these services is that Premium includes a detailed assessment of your cleat-pedal alignment. In other words, we will ensure that your cleat alignment is absolutely spot on.  Not everyone rides with cleated shoes of course, so that's why we have the two services, priced accordingly.


Both of our mobile bike fitting services utilise Hudl slow motion capture videos so that you can see exactly what we see. In addition, the premium service uses the BikeFit Systems products and methods to establish correct cleat alignment.


We also offer a fitting service at your place of work and have an ongoing initiative called 342. It's not the formation of your local football team but, instead, it means that 3 fittings for the price of 2, if they are all Premium or all Essential.  If there's a mix of fitting types, then we'll still do our best to work out a discount! So, if you and your mates at work are all cyclists, why not benefit from a group fitting day at your place of work?  (We do prefer to use an indoor room for the fittings, rather than be invited to use the car park, so please bear that in mind!) 


We do focus on fit for road bikes, hybrids, commuters etc but some aspects are indeed relevant to MTB and Tri-bikes.


**You'll need permission from the landlord or building owner before we can operate at your place of work.


Please use the Payment Options form on the 'Contact' page in order to purchase a Bike Fitting service.

Conversational Coaching

When you think your body has completely "had it", there's a least 100 miles in the reserve tank - you just need to know how to tap in to those reserves. That's really easy for me to say, of course, but how can it be done it reality?


The answer is not a magical tap on your handlebars that you can open, when you need an extra dose of something. Equally, it's not ripping open a handy gel and expecting to turn in to Geraint Thomas or your favourite Pro cyclist. The truth behind how you can access those hidden resources is rather more mundane. Yes it is about being fit enough, Yes it is about being hydrated and fuelled properly but, most importantly I believe, it is about knowing you are prepared and that you can adapt, improvise and overcome if you need to.


All clients are different but the questions below give you some idea of where Conversational Coaching can go, in order to help you be better prepared.


  • What gets in your way of achieving your personal objectives?
  • What does success look like, when you think about attempting L'etape du Tour, La Marmotte, Paris-Roubaix or other events you have planned?
  • What makes you tighten up as you go faster down a descent?
  • Why does rain put you off from riding your bike? 
  • Why can't you ride all the way up that local hill?

Let's get talking to find out what is blocking you and then find ways to get over, under, around or through them!


Please use the Payment Options form on the 'Contact' page in order to purchase a Conversational Coaching session

Partner Services

The chance to gain the services of a physiotherapist, osteopath or nutritional specialist as offered by one of Sportive Cycle Coaching's partners:


Rachel Nakash Physiotherapy -

Bob Allen's Sollus Osteopathy -

Shannon Howe's I Cook You Serve -


Feel free to contact Rachel, Bob or Shannon directly via the links above but please mention the fact that you found them via the Sportive Cycle Coaching website!  


If you have been referred to Sportive Cycle Coaching after or during an engagement with Bob, Rachel or Shannon and you are not yet a customer of ours, then please let us know.  We'll give you a 10% discount on any of the services that we offer as a reward for engaging with us!



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