How much do the services cost?

Feel free to pick and mix the services that you need - but please make sure we have discussed them first!  Don't forget to mention your discount code if you have been referred to us by one of Sportive Cycle Coaching's partners.


Training Plan services are priced per month and we do recommend a commitment of at least 2 months. The reason for that is because good training is all about consistency. The key to progress and getting results really is as simple as committing to a constant week in, week out effort that builds on what has gone before.


The ‘Super Domestique’ training plan is approximately £2 per day, while the ‘Directeur Sportive’ plan is £3 per day.  Both of these are less than the cost of a pint or gin & tonic and both are considerably better for you!


We do also offer customised engagements if you want something even more personalised and assuming we have the skills to deliver it. A recent example of this includes the creation and loading of a client's workouts directly on to their Kinetic Fit App. This type of engagement is generally in addition to a training plan and is charged at £40 per hour.


If you have an idea or thoughts about where specific personalisation might help you, then just mention it when you make contact with us. We'll then have a sensible conversation about what might, or might not, be possible!

Essential Mobile Bike Fitting Service (Individual)
75.00 GBP

A 1.5 hour bike fitting 'Essential' service within a 65 mile radius of postcode NN4 7SL. If you are further afield, please email for a customised quote.

Please note that this service DOES NOT include analysis and correction of cleat alignment

Premium Mobile Bike Fitting Service (Individual)
125.00 GBP

A 2 - 2.5 hour bike fitting 'Premium' service within a 65 mile radius of postcode NN4 7SL. If you are further afield, please email for a quote.
(2 - 2.5 hours is required, to include the initial setup and results debrief, without diminishing the actual fitting time)

Mobile Bike Fitting Service (Group)
325.00 GBP

A full day of fittings for 3 people at a shared location within 100 miles of NN4 7SL. If you are further afield, please email

Pricing is based on 3 x Premium fittings. If some fittings are for the 'Essential' service, then pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

Super Domestique Training Plan

The Super Domestique training plan provided after initial consultation towards goals.

Monthly Price
Directeur Sportif Training Plan ('All-in-One')

This is our all inclusive plan provided after conversation towards the goals that you have.
A fortnightly 1hour call to discuss progress is included

Monthly Price
Conversational Coaching
25.00 GBP

A 1 hour telephone conversation to understand your blockers and help you find ways to address them.
Best results are obtained when a series of conversations takes place but even just one will help!

Smart Trainer Integration
40.00 GBP

We'll build your workouts and load them in to your favourite Smart Trainer / Smart App, so that you can just get on and do the workout!
The indicated price is per hour and usually we can load 2 workouts per hour

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