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Oisin S


Andy has been writing training articles and ride reports for us at Sportive.com since early 2019. If you're looking for a proactive, personable coach to help you cut through the technical jargon and improve your cycling, Andy's your man.

He's also a talented and humorous writer on all things cycling (but keep it quiet, we don't want to lose him!)

Sarah G


Although I have been cycling for 6 years, I had never had a bike fitting until recently. I wish I had done this years ago as it’s already made a huge difference. As a cyclist, I like to go fast enough to keep up with the rest, but mainly, I like to go the distance, which is why comfort is so important. Andy meticulously looked at every aspect of my cycling, using lasers, video equipment and specialist measuring tools (sorry can’t remember technical terms!) and made what seemed like very minor adjustments that have majorly helped my cycling posture and most of all, my comfort. Andy took to time to understand me as a cyclist, explain everything clearly and didn’t stop until I was happy with the fit. Indeed, he is still in touch and checking whether the fit is standing up to the miles. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone who feels discomfort when cycling or wants to understand how to successfully ride longer distances or sportives with minimal impact.​

Tim L


I’m at the beginning of my journey with Andy being a rider with lots of years and miles under my belt but one who has definitely plateaued in his performance. So far I am mightily impressed with Sportive Cycle Coaching and I feel confident that I am on the right track. Andy has a vast bank of knowledge and the first meeting was fun and informative and I now have a plan in place. The plan is clear and tailored exactly to me and whilst Andy can’t do the training for me or be on every ride with me, it’s already feeling like having a personal coach is going to get me to where I want to be. Will update further as my training, riding, FTP and the plan progresses but so far I’m delighted I’ve taken the step. If you want to improve your riding (at any level) I would certainly recommend getting in touch.

Ian M


Andy has given me fantastic help with a bike fit to alleviate some knee pain I was getting after cycling. He took time to understand the problem and went through the bike fit with me explaining along the way the mechanics and measurements which identified the probable cause. I now have options to try and Andy was happy to be on hand to follow up. Great service.



I have had the pleasure (and sometimes pain) of riding with Andy on many occasions.  He’s super passionate about cycling and has roped me into many glorious rides all over Europe.  Together we’ve completed Paris-Roubaix, several Tour de France mountain stages, a 300km one day epic (Vatternrundan), some of the major climbs and much of the Alps and Pyrenees.  Andy is very keen on maximizing these experiences with the right approach to training and organising the trips.  I cannot think of anyone better to help cyclists knock over their goals, especially if they are longer rides requiring specific training plans.  He’s thorough and knowledgeable, with a lot of experience in those legs.  He also likes to make things fun too, it needs to be after all those hours in the saddle.  I’ve got some decent rides coming up and I will be using Andy again to make sure I am in decent shape at the start line.

Lee E


Thanks for the bike fit today Andy. Really helpful & insightful

Harald M


Andy is very passionate and knowledgeable about his hobby and his trade: sportive cycling, both on and off-road. He combines these traits with a very pleasant style of coaching. While obviously being quite experienced and highly educated himself in the area of sportive coaching, in my personal experience he is quite capable to “stoop to the level” of a novice in sportive cycling. He brings great value in improving your skills and stamina, while never giving you the feeling that you are just a starter. As such he is very pleasant coach that makes you look forward to your next workout and his feedback and advice.


Mark J


I have absolutely no doubt in Andy’s ability to attain the same exceptional level of success in his cycle coaching career as he had in his IT consulting one.  Many of these skills are directly transferable between his time in our company performing at the highest level as an IT Consultant and Strategist.  Andy’s passion and enthusiasm for customer excellence is outstanding and his ability to blend good listening, discovery and assessment skills to capture the true requirements of his customer is exceptional.   I have every confidence that those fortunate enough to be coached and guided by Andy will see the same results. 

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