Who is Andy?


Thanks for taking the time to get this far in my website!


My name is Andy and I have always enjoyed cycling since the times that it first provided me with freedom to roam at the age of 10 or 11.  Even during my University days I got around by bike and, somewhat famously in my family, I cycled home from Sheffield on a whim one day. As you might imagine, my parents were quite surprised ! I would not, however, recommend the usage of Mars Bars and Coca-Cola as the only sustenance for endurance rides !


After my MTB phase in the 90's, I discovered cycling 'Sportives' in the early 00's and I have taken on many challenges since then. Following a spontaneous decision in 2004 to take on the 2005 edition of L'etape du Tour, it became quite clear to me that there is a deficit of cycle coaches who specialised in helping riders prepare for Sportives. The idea for my business was born but it would take another 13 years before the opportunity to launch my company would arise.


Following a redundancy in 2018, I retrained as a cycle coach with the Association of British Cycle Coaches (ABCC). With my hands-on experience of riding many events and the formal qualification under the ABCC, I know I can help others experience the pleasures of cycling challenges with less of the pain caused by under preparation.  The beauty of the Alps and Pyrenees can only really be appreciated, by bicycle, when you are not wheezing within an inch of your life !


Thank you very much for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.


Oh - that's me in the front of the picture taken on a four day Alpine adventure, where we took on the 4 mountain stages of the 2011 Tour de France.  My buddy, Martin, is behind me eagerly awaiting the next Col !



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