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Sportive Cycle Coaching was formed in 2018 by Andy Tomkins in order to fulfil a lifelong ambition to work in the cycling industry and have a business based on passion, rather than monetary need. That opportunity presented itself after a voluntary redundancy from a career in IT and it seemed clear to me that while coaching has been available for as long as cyclists have managed to balance on two wheels, it has always been at the ‘high end’ of abilities.


So, Sportive Cycle Coaching was borne with the intent to help ordinary folks become more comfortable on their bikes and improve the three F’s of their riding – Fitter, Faster, Further. Fundamentally, our mission is to make coaching and bike fitting services more readily available to those that share our passion for cycling.


In order to turn this mission in to practical reality, we’ve identified two main outcomes that we can deliver:

  1. We make sure that clients ride their bikes in a position that makes them as comfortable as possible. In doing so, clients will see reduced levels of discomfort such as neck ache, shoulder ache and pins & needles. Some clients may actually see a total removal of these discomforts but that is not something we can guarantee!
  2. We can help clients to get fitter so they can ride faster and/or further.

Theses outcomes are delivered in two corresponding ways:

  1. The comfort outcome is achieved through a 2 hour assessment of the client’s current riding position then making incremental changes to the relative positions of the three bike touch points – pedals, handlebars and saddle.
  2. Helping a client to become fitter so they can ride faster and/or further is delivered by a structured training plan of at least 3 months’ duration. The activities in the plan will place stresses on the client’s body so that it is forced to adapt and become better equipped to deal with the activities, thereby increasing overall fitness.

Rest assured that you don't have to be an elite athlete or an Ironman triathlete to engage our services but, instead, you simply want to improve your ability and get more enjoyment from cycling.


Perhaps you've decided to complete your first 100km ride or take on a full crossing of the Pyrenees, who knows? Maybe you've signed up for a charity ride or are taking part in your first Sportive. It could be that you just want to return to a healthier lifestyle. Each one of us has different reasons for wanting to improve our cycling but whatever your objective or inspiration, please get in touch and let us help!



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